June 11, 2023

5 thoughts on “33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A Reflection homily. THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS. Be fruitful and responsible.

  1. i pray this year no more problems happy thanksgiving hope forgiveness and don’t lost again love to god and faith to god and don’t judge anyone and kind toking to everybody and helping it’s other honest it’s other and full love our parents sister brother relationship is very important to our sister and brother and understanding love always weenier amen father

  2. There are people who in the best interest of the world in their hearts seem to not able to identify messages they are looking for out of talents and gifts of God. The verbatim and action discerned from messages could reciprocate the gifts of the senses that must have been guided by the Holy Spirit. Prayers…..for we listen, understand, and act according to God’s will.

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