June 6, 2023


  1. Please Infant of Prague help me getaway from this abusive relationship I’ve never had a chance from the beginning 18 years of nothing no no marriage no family no future no nothing I’m so hurt so tired I want out I want to live again live my life again I want to be free please help me before it’s too late for me I’m already down and out there’s no place for me to go but up help me to find a home where I can live in peace and live a normal life without someone pushing me around verbally abusing me telling me how to live and what to do can’t take it anymore please Infant of Prague I’m going to prayer for you to help me to move on you’re always there for me you always carry a special place in my heart please help my heart because it’s falling apart please id rather DIE than be with this person life is hell . Help me please . I love you Sheila

  2. Santo Niño de atocha please help me I’m very scared I accidentally swallowed a pice of tape and it doesn’t go down it’s been two days already please let it go down smoothly I really wanna go to school on the first day,amen??

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