October 4, 2023


  1. Hi Kenny, your worries are justified. There are many good Catholic charismatic groups. It is important that the priest of your parish be aware of what’s happening in your own prayer group and must have his approval regarding the fidelity to the Catholic doctrine of what is being taught during these meetings. Otherwise, if the teachings are against the Magisterium, the consequences for the spiritual well-being of the attendees would be nefarious, as what you have described in your comments. You would be doing a great favor to these souls if you bring up the matter to your priest asap. Take care and God bless!

  2. When you state “attend CATHOLIC BIBLE STUDIES organized by your diocese, parish or other Catholic Church recognized and approved organizations like Couples for Christ etc.” does this statement mean that the groups or organisations need be run with competent and committed practising Catholics or priests present at each of the meetings? The Charismatic Prayer Group at my parish seems to consist of mostly non Catholics, non practising Catholics, Catholics that don’t believe in the sacraments, and people that act like born-again Christians that frequently refer to the Bible as a way to justify their own interpretation of matters contrary to those that follow and believe in Catholic teaching.

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