October 3, 2023

0 thoughts on “OCT. 13, 1917: THE MIRACLE OF THE SUN. THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT FATIMA: “The dance of the sun ”

  1. Yes indeed,their work on Fatima is writen very well and they always document their sources carefully. I would be interested in your views of what they have written (with good sources) about the Church,the Popes and the Second Vatican Council, There are many interesting articles on their website, which could convert you to their position. I started reading them when I was at school in my teens and i suppose they helped me to convert to Catholicism. The confusion and disagreements in the church and the “casual worship” that I saw had put me off for a long time. It seems now to have gone back to that sort of thing now. The Catholic Herald ( the main English Catholic weekly) has an article [see their website] about the atmosphere of fear in the church now. This is NOT in any way a Traditionalist publication and so all the more valuable.

  2. This is all very interesting,but I am really surprised you use the C.R.C. as a source (as you have copied from the C.R.C. journal) as they are VERY “extreme” and very anti-Vatican II and especially anti-Paul Vi and John Paull II. Their founder was a great Traditionalist figure, the Abbe de Nantes. Nice to see their work, they are very pro-Fatima.

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