June 7, 2023

0 thoughts on “THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, MOTHER OF GOD. This is what the Catholic Church teaches and what we Catholics believe.

  1. Mother Mary is the Mother of God, Gods Angel call Grabrial came told the virgin Mary that she will bear God only begotten Son and name is Immanreal, ( Son of God) she did told the Joseph a man who also hear a voice come down from heaven that told him that need to Marry Mary since was without sin and was going to give birth as a virgin and she did not need to be defaced nor have her reputation ruin and not be put dead by stoning, The Holy Spirit within Joseph knew this was the true and only the voice of Almighty God, Adam is God first Natural Man made in the image of God, Adam is not the only begotten son born from the pure without sin Mother Mary, Mary was ascended into her earthly mother though Holy Spirit of God, God lives and is forever and ever lasting, He is love and Catholic do not need money, See what Jesus taught, about money, The Catholics are blessed and Catholics do not demand that anyone to pay or donate any money, The money given to Catholic church is accepted only if it comes from true virtues of love, The Truth always comes out in the end, Please read Vatican IV or USCCB teachings,

  2. I’m not Catholic but a Charismatic Christian. I think the one commenter was referring to how it appears Catholic’s pray to Mary and Captilize her as Mother and not mother. Also about how Mary has lead people to Christ. I wasn’t lead to Christ by Mary but by my Heavenly Father. It is true that Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ, which she did, then who gave birth to the first Adam who was also called son of God? Just an honest question from someone trying to understand and not with malice but intrigue.

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