May 30, 2023

0 thoughts on “21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A Reflection. DO YOU LOVE THE POPE, CHRIST’S VICAR ON EARTH?

  1. At this time in our nation(USA) and around the world the question Peter gave Jesus..thou art the Christ the Son of the Everliving God…is all Christians KEY to heaven I believe….
    It is a sad day today Christians are divided by denomination instead of being United under one banner Christian…esp since Christ predicted that a “house divided will not stand”.
    One thing I’m certain the day we meet Jesus when we pass through veil of death…He will not ask us what denomination we belong ….Instead I believe he will ask us ” Who do you say I am…and the correct answer is ” Peter’s reply…So what makes a person a Christian..declare by your words and believe in your mind ,heart and soul that Jesus is Son of the Everliving God….that should be our motto to unite all Christians and resolve our differences…
    And since I’m ” preaching to the choir”. I leave you with my favorite quote” If you see with your eyes,hear with your ears and understand with your heart (then the Holy Spirit Will reveal the Truth of Jesus in your mind” says The Lord..BLESSINGS TO ALL who read this message…???

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